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3C - Confidence & Creative Class by Johan Speaking Academy

The 3C workshop is our annual workshop that only happens once at the end of every year during the period of school holidays in Malaysia. What sets this program apart and distinctness from our other programs such as YouTubing workshop, Debating workshop and the 1.5 day workshop. This workshops incorporates the learning of Public Speaking Skills combined with the creative aspects of arts and crafts. It is a unique and unorthodox blend of creativity and expression that surprisingly fits so well together!

In these 3 days workshop the children have learned plenty from Johan and Cherry themselves, but also from some art teachers as well. They have learned three different forms of art, which are clay art, a type of French art called Decoupage, and also a type of Japanese art called Nagomi. This time there were about 16+ kids, they were enthusiastic, and energetic young kids who were ready for any challenge.

Day one of their learning journey comprises of learning clay art taught by teacher Crisci! The kids were given the choices of creating their clay art from a few designs. The designs that really captivated them and fuelled their inner creativity were the Pikachu, Santa Claus, Penguin, and Hello Kitty clay arts. They learn how to create shapes of different forms and sizes using clay. The kids enjoyed it so much, they made their magnificent masterpieces even more dazzling by adding glitter, several other accessories, and extra clay. Johan and Chery also taught the kids about the basics of public speaking and also on how to properly introduce and express themselves.

Day two sees the kids attempting to learn Decoupage, a French type of art taught by teacher Vivian. Teacher Vivian briefed the kids on being careful for safety reasons as they are handling scissors with very thin paper and glue. The kids really loved the Avengers, and Star Wars art designs. Each of the kids were given a bag that they were free to express their creative decoupage designs on, using a hairdryer and some other materials to make it waterproof. Day two also sees the kids practicing their storytelling speeches added with body language and tone.

In day three, the kids started off with Japanese type art, which is called the “Nagomi Notebook”. The kids learned precision and patience as they created their Nagomi Notebook using coloured sand to mix colours and being rewarded with impressively beautiful pieces of work for them to take home. Teacher Peggy was also very skilled at her craft as she taught the kids how to play with different colour schemes and patterns that they can insert into their masterpieces. After creating their beautiful Nagomi, the kids rehearsed their two speeches until their parents come to witness them perform. To make it simple, the kids chose one art work which they have chosen and presented it before the audience of proud, happy parents. The kids also did their storytelling with stories that were handpicked by Johan and Cherry and applied what they have learned in just 3 short days.

To wrap it up, the kids did an awesome job, impressing their teachers, and making their parents proud with their beautiful artwork and courage to stand on stage to speak. Well done kids!

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