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STAR Speaker Masterclass

STAR Speaker Masterclass

"STAR Speaker Masterclass" is designed to help YOU leverage the art of speaking and close business deals.

About this Workshop

STAR Speaker Masterclass

If you are a business owner and wants to :-

- leverage platform speaking for credibility and authority

- speak online and get consistent leads coming in

- know the art of storytelling

- craft a winning pitch so that you can attract the investors, or close the business deal

- learn how to market yourself as a speaker using sales funnel ...

Well, then this masterclass is for you.

Public speaking and communication skills are no longer soft skills, they are ESSENTIAL skills for success.

Why being able to speak on-stage and online is a MUST ? Because, if you can master the art of storytelling, you have an added advantage over your competitor and dominate your niche. And if you in the corporate world, having this essential skill will help you in your corporate journey.

"Even in the "hard skills" jobs, persuasion sets people apart. "A coder who only knows technical skills might start at $40,000 to $80,000 in Silicon Valley. A coder who can speak to the client can easily command $120,000 and up," says McCloskey. ( Source : )"

What about being able to pitch your ideas ? Is that important ? Whether it is in front of your bosses, or leading your team, or to a potential investors, or pitching to close a business deal, you have to practice this skill now.

Why should you attend?

You will discover :

👉How To Be A STAR Speaker and Dominate Your Niche

👉How You Can Be A STAR Speaker Even If You Are A Beginner Or Have Never Spoken On Stage Before

👉How You Can Get Or Create Stage time and Have Speaking Engagement Consistently

Who Is This For ?

💁‍♂Business owners


Limited seats so HURRY and sign up NOW!


🏫Founder of Johan Speaking Academy

🙌2015 Peninsular Malaysia Public Speaking Champion

🙌2015 Semi-Finalist. World Championship of Public Speaking (Las Vegas)

🙌2017 JCI Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneur Award

🙌2018 Ambank Bizrace Top 100 SME

🙌2018 Alliance Bank Bizrace Top 40

🙌2018 PUMM Entrepreneur TEC Top 20

Testimonials from participants

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