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3-Day STAR Speaker Masterclass by Johan Ooi

"Johan, is this for kids ?" some participants asked.

"Nope. This is for business owners," I replied.

When the planned to kick-start this program, we had a few questions in mind.

- Do business owners want to learn presentation skills ?

- Is it important for them to be able to speak up and inspire their team with their vision ?

- Will it be crucial for them to learn this skill, if one day they need to use it ? Maybe pitching in front of investors for funding, or closing the business deal ?

We had done a couple of corporate training on presentation skills and public speaking, but openly for public, this is the first time.

After doing some previews, the actual STAR SPEAKER MASTERCLASS event kicked-off.

There were 5 participants, and they were super enthusiastic on what is in store for them. The event was held at Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya.

On day 1, they learnt about storytelling skills, public speaking and presentation. As they come from different background, the diversity actually made it even more fun. This was not only theory base, practical sessions was intense actually. We laughed, we learned and also gave feedback to encourage each other.

During lunch break, a small group has its advantage as everyone got the chance to chat and knew each other more. Each of us shared our background, and also the reason for attending this STAR SPEAKER Masterclass.

The day continued, with more practical sessions.

On day 2, it was a different dynamics, as participants now need to speak in front of a video camera. Why is this so ? Speaking online is another skill set where business owners need to acquire, with the rise of online videos. If you could reach your followers, your fans and your customers through online, you will cement your personal brand stronger in the market.

Participants were anxious, yet excited of the prospect of making videos. We went to the pool, the lobby area and around the hotel for this activity. The day followed by them learning how to pitch and share their business ideas.

On day 3 of STAR SPEAKER Masterclass, we covered back storytelling skills. Participants shared more of their stories as they develop their business stories even deeper. Another segment covered was "How To Market Yourself Using Funnels?"

"What is that, Johan?" Dennis asked. To some, it was a brand new thing. They have heard of it, but never really went through it. So it was a practical thing where they actually build 1 funnel at that moment.

At the end of 3 days, we covered so much. More importantly, the 5 speakers will speak LIVE in April 2020. This was not just a theory base class, but a practical session with REAL-LIFE-EXPERIENCE thereafter.

Thank you for your believe in us for this masterclass. Cheers and all the best to you guys.

From the desk of Johan Ooi.

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