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Online Kids Public Speaking / Kids Brand Ambassadors @ Farm In The City

Since 2014, Johan Speaking Academy has been offering a wide variety of public speaking programs from kids emcee, kids tour guide, kids dream job, teens debating and even little sales ninja. Essentially, the core behind Johan Speaking Academy’s establishment is to provide a platform to each kids in speaking confidently and fluently in public.

Last September, Johan Speaking Academy had launched their first ever online speaking program to help more kids to speak confidently on stage. Instead of being present physically inside a classroom, each kids participated in a 6-classes program via an online platform. Besides, each kids were trained attentively by professional trainers with the same module and concept as applied during class. The fundamental presentation skills such as body language, eye contact and hand gestures were not compromised and equally adopted by each kid upon training.

November 10th was the day where the 8 participating children were finally given the opportunity to speak at Farm In The City, in showcasing what they had achieved respectively from the several weeks of training. Representing the venue as brand ambassadors, each kids spoke an overview of the tourist destination including 3 different animals namely tortoise, racoon and alpaca. It was a comprehensive day as kids were required to head to 3 different stations to perform their speeches. Nevertheless, parents were very understanding and patiently waiting for their kids’ turn to present in public. The effort and countless practice involved by both trainers and kids certainly paid-off as each kids managed to articulate their speeches eloquently in front of the camera.

Upon completing the animal speeches at respective stations, everyone proceeded to the venue’s cafeteria to partake in kids’ individual stage time. This time, each kids were storytelling with topics such as holiday trip, pet animals, favourite animals and animal extinction. Also regarded as parents’ session; it served another form of medium for parents to bond and understand their children better.

Following, the day ended with a certificate ceremony and a group photo session. Kids and parents bidded goodbyes to the trainers as they called it a day.

Parents’ feedback were positive towards the online program, especially for those who were not residing near the centre, as their children could also have the opportunity to acquire these public speaking skills beyond the classroom. One evident incident was this outstation family coming all the way from Malacca specifically for their children’s stage time. Not only did the children benefit from the program, this program had certainly helped the parents as well to have time flexibility and lesser time on the road. Some parents also shared that they were very satisfied with how the program had helped transformed their child to be bolder and more confident in speaking in front of a crowd.

This new online speaking program launched by Johan Speaking Academy can be useful and practical as it provides convenience and helps to resolve the issues faced by some parents such as traffic congestion, proximity, time arrangement, etc. And of course not forgetting, this new program will be able to help and reach more kids to speak confidently and given the opportunity to take the stage.

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