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Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Charity Dinner 2019 x Johan Speaking Academy

It was such an honour and a huge privilege for Johan Speaking Academy to collaborate with MyPerintis to make Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Charity Dinner 2019 such a huge success! For Johan Speaking Academy, it was not an easy task to train and coach the kids to speak professionally to a crowd of people, but it is something that we see as worthwhile and rewarding.

In July, the organizer MyPerintis contacted Johan Speaking Academy asking for a collaboration to work together for their 2019 charity night. Johan Speaking Academy selected a few students that have been with the academy for at least two years to speak on the charity night. From that moment onwards, we wasted no time in selecting the kids and training them week after week and day after day. We met up with the kids frequently to conduct training and practice, whilst communicating with their parents regarding their children.

During those months that ensued, it was an ongoing flurry of preparations and making sure that everything is in order. From practicing speeches, and buying props that were required, the kids and their parents were off to buy their outfits for the day, while Johan and Cherry worked hard to make sure everything was going smoothly. Almost every day we established communication with MyPerintis as we continued sharing updates and brainstorming together on how to further improve and make the event a success.

Noah, Ying Jie, Irfan, Edrez, Candy, Charis, Corliss, Ilyn, and Isabella, these nine young, bright and fearless kids took up the challenge to attempt a breakthrough in their learning journey! The nine of them were diligently rehearsing their respective speeches months before the main event. Even though memorizing their scripts and speeches were tough work, and it required weeks of practice and repetition, the kids persisted and were determined to see it through the end. For Irfan, the chosen junior emcee of the day, it also meant hours of memorisation and real life practice sessions with co-emcee Vince Chong.

On the day itself, the kids were there as early as 3:30pm after their school hours to rehearse for their finest hour of the night. The kids got acquainted with the beautiful dressing room area at the backstage and they also got to rehearse with the stage crew on their standing positions and the timing on which they were to enter the stage. The kids were pretty awestruck and amazed by the hydraulic stage, even though some of them were nervous. After politely ushering guests and welcoming them, the kids were not idle with their time and went to change into their smart lovely outfits to prepare for the night.

Irfan wowed his audience with his energy and passion with co-emcee Vince on stage in delivering an excellent performance and even riding with Vince on a Vespa scooter with their helmets on. Candy and Isabella made wonderful news reporters on stage with their professional attitude and eloquent reporting, while Noah, along with Ying Jie courageously demonstrated below stage on how it took only 5 seconds to wear a helmet and bravely interviewed guests and VIP’s alike. Edrez invited VIP’s onstage to participate in his Nerf gun shooting demonstration and proclaiming his desire to be a YouTuber one day. While Ilyn shared to everyone regarding her passion to be a pilot for AirAsia one day, impressing us all with her clear sense of direction in her life. Corliss also made sure to let everyone know that she was going to be a baker one day with her superb knowledge of pastries and confectionaries. Finally the youngest and also talented Charis made an unforgettable impression to the audience by sharing her dream of becoming a dancer one day with her impressive body language that spoke a clear message to the audience. Sure enough the kids did not disappoint us all not even one bit at all with their passionate speeches and bravery on the stage that night.

We at Johan Speaking Academy would like to thank MyPerintis and Kurnia Insurance for the opportunity and privilege to be working together to make the charity night such a huge success.

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