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Brand Ambassador @ Lost World Of Tambun x Johan Speaking Academy

It was one bright and exceptionally sunny morning in Ipoh at the Lost World of Tambun. It was 9.30am in the morning as parents and their children started to arrive in groups. Johan and his two teachers, teachers Vivian and Tracy who were in charge of Kid’s Public Speaking in Ipoh got to work straight away by greeting parents, giving children identification stickers, and also joining the queue to purchase the wristbands that would allow entry into the Lost World of Tambun. Soon after, the cameramen and video shooting crew arrived and got ready with their equipment immediately to start taking photos and footage of the event. At 10am sharp, the parents, kids, teachers, along with the photographers and video shooting crew advanced inside The Lost World of Tambun and headed straight into the animal attractions in the huge petting zoo, which included Hippos, Tigers, Crocodiles, Macaws, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Snakes, Racoons, Giraffes, Zebras and the Ostrich, truly an amazing sight for all to see.

The kids were super thrilled and ecstatic at the idea of having to be able to get up close to some animals, and were enthusiastic to begin their speeches. Even though it was a rather hot and sunny day, the kids were exceptionally focused on their speeches to deliver interesting observations with accurate details along with facts about the respective animals, so were the photographers who snapped away tons of photographs to make sure to capture every single moment, and also the videographers who diligently shot the videos with patience and an aura of steadiness mixed with calm. The teachers were aiding the children with their scripts, fostering a sense of confidence in the kids, giving them simple hand gestures and signs to guide them and gently encouraging them to do their best even though the kids were nervous.

The committed teachers did it for every child and never missed out on even one. The emotions coming from pride and joy was evident in the faces of all the parents when they saw their children speaking boldly in front of the camera, because everyone knew it was no easy nor simple task that the kids were doing. It was truly a stroke of luck for everyone as it started to drizzle and rain right after we were down to the last child of the day. As the kids, parents, crew men, and teachers gathered in the mini hall that was graciously provided by The Lost World of Tambun, it started to rain heavier on the outside. But the rain was no reason to deter the kids from giving their best to do their speeches. One by one every kid stood up on the stage that was prepared by the teachers and gave their speeches. Soon after, it was time for the awards ceremony and it was truly a heart-warming ceremony as the kids went up on stage to receive their certs and their medals from their instructors which is also signifying that they have crossed over this threshold. All in all, the kids did an awesome job with their speeches, they were eloquent, and confronted their fears and stood face to face with the camera with courage and determination. In short, they did everyone proud, their parents and also their teachers. It was truly an awesome day in the Lost World of Tambun. From the brilliant example of the kids that day, we are all reminded of the quote by Winston Churchill saying “Fear is a reaction, but courage is a decision”.

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