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Kids Public Speaking 1.5-Day Workshop by Johan Speaking Academy

If you have not sent your kids to learn the fundamental skill known as public speaking, you might be missing out! Because Johan Speaking Academy has just conducted their 1 and a half day workshop in their main headquarters in Taman Tun Dr Ismail! It was a fine morning when the kids started to appear thirty minutes before the class started. Soon enough, the classroom was filled with a total of 16 kids! Being professionals themselves, Johan and Cherry got straight to the matter at hand and started the workshop with a stunning ice breaker that put the kids in fits of laughter, giggles, guffaws and chortling. Teacher Johan educated them on the basics of public speaking, and the many different elements and concepts that followed. The kids were unsure of what they were facing at first, as some if them were quiet and reserved initially, but soon after an amount of time they soon opened up and started being themselves!

Teacher Johan expertly handled the situation that led the kids to be able to express themselves better, and even treated the kids for some pizza as lunch! The kids gobbled and devoured the pizza along with the garlic bread with much gusto! The kids started learning a lot about presenting about themselves through an introductory speech and also practiced on telling stories to captivate audiences. Johan, Cherry and Ben devoted themselves to help the children to be better public speakers by aiding the children in practicing for their respective speeches and stories! When the day finally came when they would present to the eager and excited parents, some of the children were nervous to be performing in front of a crowd, the teachers comforted them and assured them that their hardwork would be worth it.

One by one the instructors guided their little hands on the stage to deliver their speeches and stories! The parents were also delighted that each and every kid was given the chance to be emcees for each other's speeches as well as they were filming and taking photos of their children with their mobile phones throughout the whole day! In addition, the parents were also happy when they have witnessed their children's growth in terms of confidence and presentation skills on the stage.

After a delightful group photo, they went back with smiling faces and grateful hearts to Johan Speaking Academy for elevating their children's potential to new heights! All in all, the kids did so well, that it made all of us proud, even the teachers. In the end, it was about the kids, not us, it was about helping them to open their eyes to the fountain of untapped power inside each and every child, and teaching them to have a healthy sense of pride in themselves. We are educators, they are our future.

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