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Kids Youtubing: Superhero Kids Youtubers

Kids Youtubing by Johan Speaking Academy.

It’s only one month away till next year!

While it is still not exactly the end of the year ; we are affirmed – almost everyone could agree that one of the major events had happened in 2019 would be the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. From adults to kids, the movie was a hot and relevant topic for conversation.

Back in July this year, Johan Speaking Academy had also jumped on the bandwagon to integrate the theme: Young Avengers in term 3 Kids Youtubing. Under this term, each kid had not only learned the usage of green screen effect, but also basic acting, speaking in front of a camera and basic editing. Aside from technical skills, kids were also taught the importance of teamwork and collaboration among each other.

Prior the commencement for term 3, the students were given the opportunity to select and personify any of their favourite superhero character. What’s riveting about this particular term was each kid can wear their choice of superheroes’ costume, which will be provided by Johan Speaking Academy! Some of the characters included Iron Man, Ant-man, Thor, Captain Marvel and Black Widow.

For the first couple weeks of the classes, students were taught the theory and understanding on green screen effect. They were taught how green screen as a digital background would work and the benefits of using it in the filming industry. Following, they practiced the script given and acting for their own roles. During filming, they were suited up with their own costumes respectively, embodying the #ENDGAME spirit as their characters. The process does not end here as a youtuber needs to learn how to edit their own videos too. Hence upon filming completion, students learned basic editing via mobile application tools. Finallly after grasping and carrying out the idea of filmaking, their end product will be uploaded onto their respective Youtube channels for public viewing.

The finale of the program led each kid to the centre stage at KL Gateway, which was also in conjuction of their graduation ceremony, in showcasing their presentation and final video. As anticipated, each kids were dressed as their characters whilst their parents excitedly captured the moment of their child in the spotlight. The session ended on a remarkable note as top three superhero kids were chosen as winners via a voting session from the parents.

The 10-week program was an intensive learning where kids mastered the basic idea of pre-, post- and during- in film production. They also learned how to translate their creavtivity and imagination into reality. On that account, it would be advantageous for a youtuber to possess all-rounder skills so as to generate consistent and interesting video content. Slowly but surely, it can eventually help to pivot a progressive development and growth for the channel!

Besides Kids Youtubing, Johan Speaking Academy also offers a wide variety of program from kids emcee, kids tour guide, kids dream job, teens debating and even little sales ninja!

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