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Xmas Party & 5-Year Anniversary for Johan Speaking Academy

A season of joy and happiness. December was a very busy month for all trainers as we conducted our school holiday programs. But Cherry said, "Work hard, play hard."

There was a date set, but most of them can't make it. Then we changed again to accommodate more people. YES, the namelist was full ! Almost 20 pax.

We decided to apppoint an organizing chair to do this. Teacher Lee Chen, who is in charge of Kids Public Speaking @ Bukit Jalil, who also conducts Online Kids Public Speaking volunteered for the task.

She booked a buffet steamboat restaurant at Paradigm Mall, and informed everyone. Also, we are required to bring a present each for the gift exchange session.

The booking was 7.00pm, on a weekday. By 6.30pm, myself, Cherry, our intern Ben, Teacher Kian from Kids Public Speaking Mont Kiara arrived. Teacher Lee Chen came too in a moment.

Then 2 great "brothers", Min Shin and Vincent arrived. Vincent is the trainer for teens debating, while Min Shin partner Swee Lyn to teach at Bangi.

Without wasting time, you know what's next ? Photo session. "Smile...say cheese..."

One by one, the place was filling up.

The list ...

Teacher Kian - Mont Kiara

Teacher Vincent - Debating

Teacher Min Shin & Swee Lyn - Bangi

Teacher Kim - Bangsar

Teacher Paul - PJ SS2 and TTDI

Teacher Stacy & Aiziah - Puchong

Teacher Lee Chen - Bukit Jalil

Teacher Kamala - Subang

Teacher Yati - Shah Alam

Teacher Suhaila - Ampang. Her daughter came too.

Wai Kiat - our photographer

Hanna and Quincy - polar stomp, our video team and also trainers for kids youtubing

Myself and Cherry - Founders, TTDI

Everyone was so happy meeting each other. We wasted no time in filling up the steamboat with our preferred choice of soup. There were Kimchi, Shabu-shabu, Miso...and...errr...forgotten. The table was instantly filled with meatballs, fishballs, crabsticks, vegetables, mushrooms and many more. Feasting time !

As we cooked the food, we laughed, we took more pictures, we engaged, we communicate and we shared.

At 9.00pm, Cherry brought in a customized cake. A celebration of Johan Speaking's Academy 5-Year anniversary. It was a very special moment. Looking back how we started in 2014, and how far we have become in empowering so many trainers. More importantly, how we together have impacted so many kids' lives, gave them a platform and a voice.

More pictures were taken. The smile at each other faces, really comes from the heart.

Gift exchange time ! It was so fun !

Then, the time we have all been anxiously waiting for...sharing time. Each of us have to share our 2020 goals. Not only we shared, we also listened attentively as our friends shared their goals. Truly inspiring.

By the time we realized, it was already 10.00pm and the restaurant have to politely asked us to leave. It was crazy, we stood outside the restaurant, and it seems like nobody wants to leave. We talked for another 30 minutes, before the hugged each other and left.

Thank you so much trainers for believing in us and for taking the journey with us. Together, we inspire more lives, and to many more years for Johan Speaking Academy. Love you all.

Note :

Missing in the list who can’t make it to the dinner was Teacher Tracey & Vivien - Ipoh

Teacher Kathryn and Venessa - Cyberjaya & Dengkil.

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